The Black Economy Procurement Connected Policy (PCP)

Written by: Brett Lyndon - Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd What is the Black Economy? The Australian Tax Office (ATO) describes Black Economy as: “dishonest and criminal activities that take place outside of, or involves misuse or abuse of, the tax and regulatory systems”. It encompasses a wide range of practices, including understatement of takings, the [...]

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Judicial Review Legislation

Written by: Brett Lyndon - Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd The Australian Government’s new Judicial Review legislation is now an active legislative component that all government procurement professionals must adhere to, but what is the judicial review system, what does it mean, and how will it impact on your procurement activities? Simplified Outline of this [...]

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Slavery still exists in Australia

Written by: Phil Sealy - Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd The Federal Government introduced a tough new regime designed to stamp out modern slavery late last year, which compelled corporations to do more to end the use of forced or child labour.  The new legislation require large businesses operating in Australia to regularly report on the [...]

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